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Design Home: House Renovation


★★★★★ 4.8

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Game TypeSimulation, Home Design
Platform Android, IOS

Design Home: House Renovation Game Review

Home Design: House Renovation is a simulation game developed by Crowdstar. The game was first released in November 2016.

In the game you take on a role as interior designer. Use your imagination & creativity to fill 3D spaces with furniture and décor. Put your finished rooms up for an audience vote and earn an instant $500 worth of in-game money that you can use to buy more items for your inventory.

Each design project comes with a back-story and specification of what is expected. Whether you did well or not for that project will be decided by the community.

Rooms with a score higher than 4 will get a free piece of furniture. Rooms with the highest scores will be shown prominently in the app. The more money (and diamonds) you have, the more items you can buy, the more choices you have when designing your room.

Design Home is a nice game to create the room of your dreams. Design and decorate a luxury penthouse in London, a private island in the Pacific or a house on the hills in Hollywood. You can do it all. And if you like the virtual items in your room, you can shop for them directly via the app.

Designing rooms can be great fun. But you can also run out of money and diamonds real fast. If you do, you can either opt to borrow some items from your Facebook friends or spend real money to buy the virtual items you want.

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Questions & Answers

Can I play Design Home: House Renovation offline?

No, a network connection is required to play.

What devices is Design Home: House Renovation compatible with?

You can play the game on devices with at least Android version 4.2 or iOS version 9.0

Is Design Home: House Renovation suitable for children?

Although the game is rated PEGI 3, the game's publisher notes that the game is not intended for children.

Does Design Home: House Renovation contain ads?

Yes, ads will appear in this game.

How much free space do I need for Design Home: House Renovation?

You will need around 99 MB for Android devices and 348 MB for iOS devices.

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