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InnoGames GmbH

★★★★★ 4.8

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Game TypeStrategy
DeveloperInnoGames GmbH
Platform Android, IOS

Grepolis Game Review

Grepolis is a strategy game developed by InnoGames GmbH. The game was published for iOS devices in September 2013 and for Android devices in October 2013.

The Gods have given you the opportunity to build your own city and grow it into a mighty empire. Helen, the daughter of Zeus, has provided you with a small city and a senator to help you with your endeavor.

At the beginning you will be provided with a few raw materials and some coins. Use them to construct basic buildings like the senate, warehouse, barracks and a quarry. You will also have to build farms to produce food for your citizens. Once you have the basics set up for your city you can go to the Bandits Camp. Here you can go to battle against enemy soldiers. First select your troops, then select how many men you want to send from each troop to battle. Then start attacking. You cannot view the battle. So, can go about your work with building up your city. Once the battle is over, the victory chest will appear on top of the bandits campsite. Tap on it to collect the rewards.

Conquer neighboring lands and collect money and raw materials. You can also send spies to get information regarding the lands before conquering. As you keep expanding your city you should upgrade your current buildings. Once certain buildings are upgraded to certain level you can unlock new buildings like the market place. At the market place you can trade your items for other items. You can trade money to buy raw materials or trade one type of raw materials for another.

Questions & Answers

Is Grepolis free?

Yes, you can download and play Grepolis for free. The game offers in-game products that you can buy with real money.

Can I play Grepolis offline?

No, you need an internet connection to play Grepolis.

What is the age rating for Grepolis?

Grepolis is rated PEGI 7. Game content with scenes or sounds that can possibly be frightening to younger children fall in this category.

Does Grepolis contain ads?

No, there are no ads shown in this game.

What devices is Grepolis compatible with?

You can play this game on devices with at least Android version 4.1 or iOS version 10.0

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