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Monster Dash

Halfbrick Studios

★★★★★ 4.8

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Game TypeArcade
DeveloperHalfbrick Studios
Platform Android, IOS

Monster Dash Game Review

Monster Dash is an endless runner type arcade game. It is developed by Halfbrick Studios. This game was published for iOS devices in August 2010 and for Android devices in December 2014.

Help Barry Steakfries to run his way through a crazy world infested with zombies, vampires and other strange monsters. Your job will be to guide him through his journey by killing these monsters while preventing Barry from getting killed himself.

Your character will be on the run from the beginning of each game. You have to kill the monsters when you get close to them. With each dead monster you will earn coins. Your path will also have coins, life hearts and special chests for you to collect. Beware of the obstacles on your path. There will be pits, fire, poisonous gas and spiky objects. You will have 5 life hearts at the beginning of each run. Every time you get hit with an obstacle or a monster, you will lose 1 heart. You will die when you lose all 5 hearts.

There are 2 modes in this game. The Missions mode and the Arcade mode. In Missions mode you will be give a mission to complete. You will be rewarded with the coins you collect and medals for your performance for each mission. You can receive bronze, silver or gold medals according to your performance during each mission. You will need at least a bronze medal to unlock the next mission.

The Arcade mode is an endless mode where you keep on running till you die. This mode is to keep beating your own high scores. During this mode, apart from collecting coins you can also collect special chests containing gems.

Use the coins and gems you gain to upgrade Barry Steakfries, buy new costumes and weapons. You can also buy power-ups like magnet, distance boost, treasure multiplier and incredible bubble. Keep on collecting more coins to level up in the game. Every time you level up you can unlock new weapons.

The game controls in Monster Dash are as follows. Tap on the right side of the screen to shoot. Tap on the left to jump. Double tap on the left to jump further upwards. Swipe downwards on the screen to land. When you want to change Barry Steakfries's weapons, drag and drop your desired weapon into its allocated Loadout Slot to equip it.

Monster Dash is a simple and fun game to play. The more distance your cover the faster the run will be. This makes the game more interesting to play and prevent you from getting bored of the game easily.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Monster Dash offline?

You need a constant internet connection to play Monster Dash.

Do I need an account to play Monster Dash?

You can play this game without an account.

Is Monster Dash free?

Yes, it is a free game to download.

What is the age rating for Monster Dash?

This game is rated PEGI 7. Game content with scenes or sounds that can possibly be frightening to younger children fall in this category. Very mild forms of violence and profanity can occur in a game with a PEGI 7 rating.

Does Monster Dash offer in-app purchases?

Yes, this game offers in-app purchases.

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