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My Story – Mansion Makeover

ZenLife Games

★★★★★ 4.8

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Game TypeMatch 3
DeveloperZenLife Games
Platform Android, IOS

My Story – Mansion Makeover Game Review

My Story - Mansion Makeover is a match 3 game. It is developed by ZenLife Games. It was published for Android and iOS devices in January 2021.

When everything in your life was going downhill, you receive a letter one day. You have acquired a large mansion from one of your relative's will. So, you go to check it out and plan a new life in your new mansion. But when you enter the mansion you learn that it is in a really bad shape. Almost about to collapse. But, you are going to give all your best and try to repair it and bring back its old glory. Don't worry about doing everything alone though. You will have the help of your butler Alfred.

To renovate the mansion, you need to play match-3 games. You play this game level by level. At each level you will be given small missions. But, you will have only a limited number moves to complete each level. So, use each move wisely.

The special part of this game is, that you don't have to drag any object to create a match-3 to remove them. Just tap on any 2 or more objects of a same color placed next to each other, to remove them.

You can also create special booster to remove more objects in one move. When you collect five adjacent objects of a color, it will create a Drill. The Drill will remove an entire row or column when activated. When you collect eight objects, it will create a Bomb. This will remove everything that is located near it. Collecting ten objects will give you a Swirl. This will remove all the objects similar to its color from the board.

After you win each level you will receive gems and stars. You work on your mansion day bay day. Check your notepad located at the left bottom corner of your game screen. You will be given a set of tasks to complete each day. Use the stars you have won to complete the tasks. Once you complete all the task of a day, you will receive special rewards.

The game controls of My Story - Mansion Makeover is not very hard. Tap to match and remove objects. Double tap to activate a booster. To create a mega booster, drag one booster to its adjacent booster. To select an item for your mansion, 1st tap on your desired design, then tap on the "Tick" button to use it.

My Story - Mansion Makeover is very colorful game.

Questions & Answers

Can I play My Story - Mansion Makeover offline?

Yes, you can play it offline.

What is the age rating for My Story - Mansion Makeover?

My Story - Mansion Makeover is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

Do I need an account to play My Story - Mansion Makeover?

This game can be played without creating an account.

What devices is My Story - Mansion Makeover compatible with?

You can play it on devices with at least Android version 4.4 or iOS version 10.0

Does My Story - Mansion Makeover contain ads?

Yes this game displays ads in the game.

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